Disciplining & Rewarding Children


Discipline teaches children what is right and wrong; what they need to know and do; as well as the rules they need to follow.  Discipline doesn’t include harsh, critical and/or rigid rules.  It is a parenting method of creating guidelines for children.  Please refer to our previous blog post on “House Rules” for tips on establishing your expectations of children.  Alongside using house rules and your favorite alternative discipline methods for teaching children appropriate behavior, you may also employ rewards of various types.

Rewards are a pleasant consequence for behaving in an appropriate or desirable way.  They reinforce good behavior.  Rewards such as praise, nurturing touch and privileges tell children you appreciate their efforts.  There is no such thing as recognizing too much good in children, as long as the positive reinforcement is sincere.  Remember this rule to encourage children to behave:  What you pay attention to is what you’ll get more of.  If you pay more attention to the good things children do, then you will get more of the good things!

Praise is the single most powerful reward a child or anyone can receive.  Gentle hugs, back rubs and soft strokes of the child’s back are all nice, positive types of nurturing touch. When paired with praise – both rewards make a powerfully motivating combination.

Privileges serve as excellent rewards for children.  A privilege can be a special meal, a playdate, extra TV time, getting to stay up late, a few extra stories, or other behaviors/activities your children enjoy.

Some parents like to reward their children with various objects, which can include stickers to assorted toys.  Determine what your child likes and occasionally reward your child with an object.

Allowance is a useful type of reward for older children.  The goal behind paying children an allowance is not so much to incent behavior – but to teach them how to manage money.  Pay children small amounts of money weekly and encourage them to save and spend it wisely.  Children should be participating in the household chores long before they begin getting an allowance.

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