Some things are worth the wait…

worth the wait

Adoption IS worth the wait!  & we’re sorry that we haven’t posted lately. We hope to get back on track soon!

We’re wondering out loud ~ if there are any topics of interest to our readers?  With Pinterest, blogs, Facebook, etc. it starts to feel like everything has been well covered… no fewer than 3 times.

Please humor us with a comment including any ideas for articles you would find valuable!

2 thoughts on “Some things are worth the wait…

  1. dreadreas22 says:

    Families sharing stories of their adoptions five, ten , fifteen years later. Coping with developmental milestones, obtaining post adoptive services. Especially for families adopting from foster care. Any experiences good or bad with accessing post adoptive services from different counties. Or if families moved from county where adoption finalized, did it make getting services difficult? Was it easier just to pay out of pocket or forgo the services rather than attempting to get post adoptive services?


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