A Fost/Adopt Journey

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November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  In the spirit of bringing awareness to adoption, our agency mission and the successes of families we serve — we are filling our blog with guest stories throughout this month. Chrysalis House, Inc. believes in the power of sharing experiences and in learning from the stories of others.  We present this series, realizing the words might be the insight that an adoptive family, adoptee or birthparent is searching the internet for!

Our sincerest thanks to the families who have put their lives into words.  We are still accepting submissions through the month of November!  Please send your submissions to stacy@chrysalishouse.com.

Please enjoy the story of a family’s: Foster Adoption. In the event you wish to discuss our Fost/Adopt program, please contact the office at 559.229.9862.   



Gene and I began trying to have children when we were in our mid-twenties. By our early thirties we began to explore adoption. We contracted with an adoption agency and went through all of the class work to the point of developing our birthmother book. At this point, Gene was offered a job outside of the Central Valley, and the agency did not cover the area…

Back to square one!!

We spent a couple of years moving and getting settled, and then started thinking about adoption again. We contacted our local Social Services office, but decided not to pursue That route. More time passed.

In 2006, a close friend adopted two boys from Kazakhstan. We began exploring international adoption which led us to Chrysalis House to perform the home study. When we met Lanny (our social worker), we knew we were in the right place. He was great, and asked us if we had considered domestic adoption.  We said yes, but with all of the reservations that exist on that front – Lanny explained to us the options, and we decided to start down that path. This especially became a focus as the international path became more and more complicated. We went through all of the class work again for Chrysalis House, and completed our home study and began to wait for a match. Lanny and Peggy warned us it was a rollercoaster… wow, is it ever! We poured through the profiles and kept trying to make a match.  Our first try was with a birthmother who eventually moved out of the area and disappeared.

Then, we made a trip to meet siblings that we felt were not a good match for us. By this time we had almost given up hope and our emotions were in tatters.  As this process seems to go, we were only weeks away from our perfect match! Peggy attended a get acquainted picnic and was the first to meet our children, Alexa (then 6) and Davis (then 4). She called us with great excitement and sent their information through. They were beautiful siblings, and although we had almost stopped hoping, a light began to shine through.

We first met Alexa and Davis for pizza, blue jello and a movie. The next weekend we brought them home for a visit, and that visit just never ended! Love at first sight for us, and it seemed to be a good match for all. The hands of fate allowed us to meet these great kids.

We finalized our adoption in June 2007 with all of the Grandparents in attendance, and all of the wonderful people who made the journey with us. We had been married for 21 years, and had begun our adoption journey over 15 years before.

To say having children after so much alone time is an adjustment is an understatement. The first two months I was home from work, and more exhausted than I can ever remember. We went through the holidays, and it was all a happy blur. Now, we are settled into a family life, and it is wonderful!

We are firm believers that your family is out there, and when you find each other you will “know”. As we come to our one year “gotcha day” Gene says, we can not

envision our life without our kids. They are joy, love, frustration, and mirth. We think almost daily, “what in the world was life before?”

Now we can only see after and couldn’t be a more happy family.


****All family names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

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