An Invitation… to National Adoption Awareness Month

We’re a wee bit early — but we do like to plan ahead!

national adoption month correct

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  In honor of this, we’d love to fill our blog with stories from guest bloggers sharing their personal adoption experiences during the month of November.

Chrysalis House, Inc. believes in the power of telling our own stories and in learning from the stories of others.  Your words might be the insight another family, adoptive parent, adoptee or birthparent is searching the internet for…

Would you like to share your experience??  We are open to ideas for topics and posts, but here are some suggestions to consider:

Do you have a story about how CHI has helped you build your family?

Do you want to tell the story of how your child(ren) joined your family?

Would you like to share how you celebrate your child’s culture or family of origin?

Are you an adoptee who would like to share your unique story?

Are you an birth parent that’s made an adoption plan for your child?

What lessons have you learned through your adoption experience that others may benefit from?


How to participate:

If you’d like to share a blog post, simply leave a comment on this blog post or send an email to to submit your idea.

Pictures and real names are optional.  We are happy to include them according to your comfort level.  (please note: to preserve confidentiality, we cannot include names or photos of children who are current foster children).

All posts should be sent to the email address above throughout the next few months.  Posts should be submitted by the end of National Adoption Awareness Month.

Please be advised that we may suggest edits your submission.  CHI reserves the right to only include posts that are relevant to our agency mission.  We are open to adoption specific posts regardless of whether the author is a client of CHI. The author will retain all copyright to their words, and CHI will not use the submission in any other form without permission.

If you have questions about participating, please email:

4 thoughts on “An Invitation… to National Adoption Awareness Month

  1. You forgot the stories of birthmothers. Would you consider a story from a birthmother who regrets losing her child? How about what needs to be done to make adoption more ethical?


    • Hi there – I hope you did note that I indicated that “the words shared might be the insight another….birth parent is looking for.” Your comment also made me aware of a typo in the article… which needs to be changed. One of the last questions was supposed to read “Are you a birth parent that’s made an adoption plan for your child?” Thank you for drawing my attention to my error.

      We ARE seeking posts that bring an awareness to adoption and obviously we are an adoption and foster family agency who fully believes in families built through our services. In the event you would be willing to share your story – we may indeed be interested in publishing it. As an agency ~ we do learn from others experiences and encourage our families to be open to those lessons as well. We encourage them to be aware of and respectful of the emotional struggle, grief and loss of birth parents. & we are an agency that is very concerned about ethics in adoption.

      If you can author a piece that presents your views constructively, is honest and doesn’t dishonor the choices other clients have made – then we will consider it for inclusion in this series. However – If we feel it does not fit with the spirit of our intent during National Adoption Awareness Month, we may notify you that we cannot use it ~ or that we would use it as an educational piece at another time (on this blog or perhaps in our agency training for families and social workers). I do believe there is great value in and potential for many to learn from you. Thanks for your comment and consideration of sharing your story.


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